Key Partners

BHHSC’s key partners in BHHSI include:

  • Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (MassCOSH). MassCOSH has been bringing together workers and allies to organize and advocate for safe, secure jobs and healthy communities throughout Massachusetts for 35 years. MassCOSH will provide technical assistance on policy development

  • Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD). ABCD is New England’s largest human services agency, operates 25 HS Centers in Boston and has a strong collaborative relationship with HRiA/BHHSC on efforts to improve the environmental health of children. ABCD is an ideal partner as it focuses on health as much as educational outcomes.

  • BHHSC Strengthening Voices Parent Engagement Specialists (PES). These experienced parent advocates have been engaged in BHHSC’s leadership training and development for several years. PESs conduct grassroots education and outreach connected to BHHSC initiatives, help develop and implement collaborative strategies, work on advocacy efforts for policy change, and serve as peer models/educators.

Massachusetts Asthma Action Partnership (MAAP). MAAP is a Health Resources in Action program made up of over 100 health care providers, public health officials, health insurers, educators, non-profits, academics, and community members.
The American Lung Association will be hosting "Health and Medical Community Briefing on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan on Tuesday July 8th at 4:00pm. Follow this link to register:
Boston's Inspectional Services Department was honored at the National Healthy Homes Conference in Nashville last weekend with a Healthy Homes Champion Award for their proactive inspection work. Congratulations to everyone involved!! BHHSC applauds ISD for their continuing work to ensure everyone has a safe and healthy home! For more information on the proactive Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance, go to ISD's website.
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