Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes

The Healthy Homes program area of the Boston Healthy Homes and Schools Collaborative (BHHSC) advocates for affordable and healthy housing safe from environmental hazards such as lead and environmental tobacco smoke (secondhand smoke). We recognize that underserved populations are at risk of living in homes that lack proper ventilation, are subject to pest infestations, and/or contain lead.

We take two approaches in addressing these concerns: 1) by giving the members and constituents of community-based organizations training, technical assistance, and other resources for promoting green and healthy housing, and 2) by collaborating with local governing bodies and housing authorities in order to promote and implement housing policies and regulations that promote health. These approaches include:

  1. supporting research on elevated lead levels in drinking water;
  2. advocating for smoke-free housing in multi-unit residential buildings in Boston;
  3. and seeking to increase awareness about the guidelines for affordable, healthy, and green housing in Boston.

Currently, the Healthy Homes Committee is implementing two major initiatives toward improving access to healthy, affordable housing. They are:

The American Lung Association will be hosting "Health and Medical Community Briefing on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan on Tuesday July 8th at 4:00pm. Follow this link to register:
Boston's Inspectional Services Department was honored at the National Healthy Homes Conference in Nashville last weekend with a Healthy Homes Champion Award for their proactive inspection work. Congratulations to everyone involved!! BHHSC applauds ISD for their continuing work to ensure everyone has a safe and healthy home! For more information on the proactive Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance, go to ISD's website.
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