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      Date: May 27, 2014
     Title: Healthy Homes Training for Family Child Care Educators
Attention family child care educators! BHHSC will be offering our FREE 3 hour training, "Creating a Healthy Home and Managing Asthma" on Thursday, June 19 from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Join us and learn how a healthier home environment can contribute to improved educational outcomes for children, how to address environmental exposures that contribute to lead poisoning and asthma. and how to talk to others about managing asthma. To register email

The training will be held at 95 Berkeley Street, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02116. This training is open to any family child care educator who has not taken our training in the past two years. Come learn more about how to make your home a healthier place for children! Family child care educators who complete this training are eligible for three training credit hours.