Categories: General
      Date: Jan 28, 2014
     Title: New Asthma Management Resource

We are thrilled to announce the release of "Caring for Children with Asthma: A Guide for Massachusetts Childcare Programs." This easy-to-read booklet is an essential resource for educators who have children with asthma in their care. Use this document to learn everything you need to know about asthma management, medication administration, and communication with the asthma team.


The guide includes tabs for easy reference for those moments when you have a quick question about managing asthma. It also includes sample documents, including Asthma Action Plans and Individual Health Care Plans (which all providers are required to have on file for children with asthma).


Is there a parent you know that is feeling overwhelmed by their child's asthma? Share this document with them and learn how you can work as a team to care for their child. Please share this widely!

You can find the document here: